Finchley Central Waxing

Once you start getting your waxing done at Very Geri, it’s hard to stop!

When it comes to waxing in finchley central – we have you covered! Our approach to waxing is unique, in that we believe if done correctly, waxing can be a therapeutic experience.

Our expert therapists are trained to the highest standards providing professional, thorough and hygienic waxing treatments.

We provide both hot wax and warm wax (also known as strip wax) treatments and detailed aftercare advice. Whether you are booking your first wax, or you are a waxing aficionado, you will be glad you booked with Very Geri.

Bikini Waxing

Bikini Extended£22
1/2 buttocks£9
Full buttocks£18
Hollywood and full buttocks£50

Facial Waxing

Lip/chin/jawline (each)£10
Lip and chin£15
Lip, chin and jawline£18
Lip, Chin & Eyebrow Shape£22
Full Face£23
Full face including eyebrows£40
Eyebrow Shape£14

Leg & Arm Waxing

Lower leg£18
Upper Leg£23
¾ leg£24
Full leg£35
½ arm£16
Full arm£28

Waxing Combo Packages

Lower leg & Bikini Line£35
Lower leg & Brazilian£45
Lower leg & Hollywood£50
Full leg & Bikini Line£50
Full leg & Brazilian£60
Full leg & Hollywood£65
Full Arm and Underarm£40
*Add Underarms to any package£5

Body Waxing

Full stomach (from hips to bra line)£18
1/2 stomach (from naval to bikini line)£12
Navel Line£6
Lower Back (waist to top of buttocks)£12
1/2 Back (bra line to top of buttocks£18
Full back£25
Full Stomach, Chest & Breasts£30

Male Waxing

Chest Wax£25
Back Wax£28
Back, shoulder and upper arm£38
Back, chest and shoulders£60
Full torso and upper arm£55
Full body Men£120

Full Body Waxing Packages

Lower Full Body – £75

Full Leg, Hollywood, Lower Back & 1/2 Stomach – (1.5hrs).

Basic Full Body – £85

Full Leg, Hollywood, Full Arm & Underarm (105 Mins).

Full Body Plus – £105

Full leg, Hollywood, Full Arm, Underarm, Full Buttocks & Lower Back – (2 hrs)

Ultimate Full Body – £120

Full Leg, Hollywood, Buttocks, Full Arm, Underarm, Full Stomach, Chest & Bust, Full Back (2.5 hrs).